During the performance we will track your mouse movements. This enables you to interact with the live performance. By entering you agree we use this data.
We will ask for your email address so we can send you one (and only one) email for research purposes.
We will not store any data or email addresses after the performance is completed.
Enter button will become available 10 minutes prior to the performance.
Credits: Kristof Timmerman (concept and artistic direction), Ine Vanoeveren (concept and performer), Max Schweder (technical director, digital art), Wim Henderickx (composer, live electronics), Janna Beck (graphic design), Studio Plankton (3D graphic design), Naoto Hieda & Kristof Overdulve (platform & UI development), Lowie Spriet, Arafa Yoncalik & Olivier Du Four (development assistance), Wes Nijssen (assistance Motion Capturing), Tom Dietvorst (livestream, tech support), Jorrit Tamminga, Umut Eldem (live electronics) After movie by Annelise Cerchedean
This project has been developed with a DARIAH-EU grant and is the start of ‘Sense of Wonder’, the joint research project of MAXlab and CREATIE. With support of the Immersive Lab of AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts.